Traveling & Vacation on Bikini Prep- Planning Ahead

Travel & Vacation on Bikini Prep

It’s time to Koncour vacation! Our vacation was booked about a year ago, before I or Jessie decided we would be competing this year. But, that is not stopping us from going on vacation! It will just take a little more preparation and planning ahead. So let’s start from the beginning so we can focus on the main points for planning ahead.

We are going to Florida for a total of 10 days, first to attend Ultra Music Festival in Miami and then the rest of our trip will be in Orlando. We live in Saskatchewan, Canada, so we will be flying out there and then renting a car.

Airports and Flying:

-Know your complete flight schedule so you can plan workouts, meals and sleep accordingly.

Our flights to Miami were changed a few months after we booked them, so the times are totally different than what we are used to. This time we are flying overnight which we have never done before! Our first flight leaves at 8:45 PM, we land at 9:57 Pm and then don’t take off again until 12:05 AM. We want to be tired before our flight so we can actually sleep the whole time on our flight that leaves at 12:05 AM and then lands at 5:47 AM.

The next post will focus specifically on airports and flying while on prep (packing food, eating meals, airport snacks, coffee orders, staying active, etc)

Where to stay:

-Finding a place with a full kitchen and gym close by will be a huge lifesaver!

Ultra Music Festival is downtown Miami and booking a hotel was not only expensive, but they don’t have a full kitchen, which we knew would make our trip a lot more enjoyable. Instead, we booked an Airbnb which is a private room in a condo building in downtown Miami, very close to the Ultra venue. The lady who we will be staying with is so nice and we have been chatting with her about our lifestyle and she was extremely cool with us ordering prepped meals to be delivered for our stay, We have access to her entire condo, which has a full kitchen, laundry room and gym!

In Orlando we also booked a private room through Airbnb in a MASSIVE house, so we have the basement to ourselves plus access to their huge kitchen and pool.. They also have a gym 1 minute down the road and grocery stores nearby as well.


-Having a meal prep service deliver food to your destination will give you ease of mind about finding prep friendly meals

-Find the closest grocery store to where you are staying so you can pick up essentials that you are used to eating

-You can pack your own bulk snacks that travel well so you don’t have to purchase them when you arrive

We have a lot planned for our vacation, so we decided to order most of our meals through (I am in no way affiliated with them, just have heard great things and have been waiting to go to the states to try them out!). They will mainly be our lunches/suppers and we will be buying our breakfast essentials to cook up ourselves where we are staying. There will be a detailed post about food, soon!


-Have some sort of schedule so you can plan when you will be doing certain activities and how long you will be out doing them so you can pack snacks and meals, or plan where you can eat out.

The most nerve racking part about this vacation for me was figuring out what I would be able to eat while we are at Ultra. It is a music festival, so classic festival food definitely does not fit my macros. Last year we went to the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas (EDC Las Vegas) and it was amazing! I was not in prep then, so it didn’t stress about food, I have done a lot of research and the food vendors that will be at Ultra offer so many varieties of foods I will be totally fine. They cater to vegans, vegetarians and everyone in between. So I will be able to find something that I can eat! You are not allowed to bring in any food or drink into the venue, so packing snacks isn’t an option. They do have free water refill stations, so staying hydrated won’t be an issue. Once we have actually attended Ultra I will do a post all about the experience and tips for future bikini competitors going to musical festivals.

When we go to Orlando, we have 3 days scheduled for Disney parks. You can bring in food and drinks to their parks, so we will just bring in some of our prepped meals and snacks, I have found other posts online all about healthier options Disney offers in their parks. I already have my heart set on a Dole pineapple whip, the nutrition facts are on myfitnesspal. (only 18 carbs per 100 grams!) There are a list of prep friendly foods I am looking forward to trying in the states that aren’t available in Canada, Arctic Zero ice cream for example.

This is just a fairly quick overview of the major things to consider when you first book a vacation and you are on a competition prep diet.

Detailed posts about each category are coming soon, so you can koncour your vacation too!



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