Koncour Christmas-How to Control Holiday Chocolate Cravings

It is officially December and day one of Koncour Christmas!

I have a serious chocolate addiction and seeing all of the holiday chocolate displays make my sweet tooth go into overdrive.

giant chocolate bar

Seriously, I would cry tears of joy if I got this for Christmas.

Last year, I had a brilliant idea. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t restrict myself from eating chocolate because I knew that would end in my binge eating an entire chocolate store. So this is where chocolate advent calendars come in. I’m not talking about the cheap, waxy, generic chocolate ones kids eat, we’re talking about the “fancier” chocolate brands. Last year we tried out the Kinder chocolate calendars because we are still kids at heart and who doesn’t want to open a Kinder surprise on Christmas morning?!

The calendar limits you to having one per day and it was a little something I looked forward to having after supper each night. I know there are a ton of different advent calendars out there to suit whatever you crave, so the decision is up to you! I also bought the David’s Tea advent calendar last year and that was a great treat too.

This year we chose the Lindt Lindor Advent Calendar:

“Lindor Advent Calendar, a classic way to keep the tradition of “Counting down to Christmas” ongoing. Lindt makes waiting for Christmas day so much more special. Each day unravels a Christmas favourite behind the doors….Lindt Mini Balls, Lindt Teddy and Friends, Lindor Balls and Lindt Double Milk Balls…all hand-crafted by Lindt’s Maîtres Chocolatiers, especially for you.”

Lindt Advent Calendar

IMG_2395 IMG_2400

We found ours at Shopper’s Drug Mart for half price, $6.99 compared to their original price of $12.99. Score!

They each have different varieties of chocolate inside, so the macro’s and serving sizes vary.

IMG_2402 IMG_2397

 Why is one of the serving sizes 2 pieces?! You’re only supposed to open one per day! Silly Lindt.

Apparently you can also hang these on the wall? Maybe I’ve never noticed this before, but that’s new to me!


So, what’s behind door #1?

IMG_2406 IMG_2407

Oh hello there shiny mini balls of milk chocolate!

Safe to say this was a great start to December!



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