Early Christmas Gift to Ourselves!

Koncour Christmas day 4, a.k.a Friday! TGIF am I right?!

When Friday night finally rolls around, we are usually craving the typical weekend junk foods, but we have a way to healthy way “koncour” those cravings!

On Black Friday we found a great deal on a T-fal Actifry at Canadian Tire, it was only $159.99 regular prince is $299.99!

I’m sure most people have heard the hype about these, but they are a way to “fry” your food without all of the excess oil and fat. We have been wanting one of these for awhile and we just couldn’t wait until Christmas to be able to open in. So happy early Christmas to us!

We have used it a few times and honestly, I don’t know how we lived without it this long. That might be a bit dramatic, but it’s just that good! The main reason we had been wanting to buy this is for making homemade sweet potato fries. Jessie and I have tried making sweet potatoes in the oven numerous times but each time they either come out under cooked or burnt.

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This kitchen appliance is a game changer. We used a large sweet potato, cut it into fries, measured a 1/2 tsp of extra virgin olive oil, drizzled it over the fries and let them “fry” for 20 mins. These fries come out perfectly every time, we are addicted! The best part is, they are healthy and don’t need to be saved to eat as a cheat meal! We also tried making our own boneless chicken bites and they turned out crispy even without oil.

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There is even an app with a bunch of recipes, measurement conversions and cooking times. Highly recommend it as a Christmas gift!


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