It’s time to Koncour vacation! Our vacation was booked about a year ago, before I or Jessie decided we would be competing this year. But, that is not stopping us from going on vacation! It will just take a little more preparation and planning ahead. So let’s start from the […]

Traveling & Vacation on Bikini Prep- Planning Ahead

The prep has begun and I’m about 19 weeks away from the stage! I gained a lot of muscle in my bulking phase and that was a really fun process! Bikini prep is a lot more strict and I am definitely more concerned about hitting every calorie and macro with […]

Bikini Prep Recipes-Pizza Party Friday Night!

Ever since we found Kodiak Cakes mix at Costco, we’ve been obsessed! We have tried it as waffles and pancakes but decided to switch it up and try donuts! Their mix already has a ton of protein in it (14g per serving) but add a protein glaze and you are […]

Kodiak Cake Protein Donuts!

Key Lime Pie Protein Shake It’s a New Year and we’re starting it off right! Green seems like the perfect colour for new beginnings, so that inspired the first flavour in our new monthly series. On the first of every month we will post a protein shake recipe that relates […]

Koncour Your Protein Shake: Flavour of the Month

For Koncour Christmas day 5 we’re making protein packed chocolate quinoa cupcakes! After tasting this cake its pretty hard to believe there is no flour in the recipe and that it is packed with protein. This original recipe can be found in the cookbook Quinoa 365: The Everyday Superfood by Patricia […]

Chocolate Quinoa Cupcakes

Koncour Christmas day 4, a.k.a Friday! TGIF am I right?! When Friday night finally rolls around, we are usually craving the typical weekend junk foods, but we have a way to healthy way “koncour” those cravings! On Black Friday we found a great deal on a T-fal Actifry at Canadian Tire, it […]

Early Christmas Gift to Ourselves!

On Koncour Christmas day 3 we are battling it out between three different healthy holiday drinks! We LOVE eggnog. Unfortunately, Jessie is sensitive to lactose and we stopped drinking milk about 4 years ago. Last year, I found Almond milk eggnog at Dad’s Organic Market in Regina and I really […]

Battle of the Healthy Holiday Drinks!

It’s Koncour Christmas Day 2! We usually go to the gym after Jessie gets home from work around 5:30 PM and by then we are starving! So for the past couple of months we have been trying out different pre-workout snacks. I have made a variety of things such as […]

Protein Sugar Cookies

Christmas is only 26 days away! It’s hard to imagine that this time last year I was still in university and Jessie was 2 provinces away, working in British Columbia. With that said, we didn’t get to do any of our traditional December activities like decorate the tree together, watch […]

Koncour Christmas!

It is officially December and day one of Koncour Christmas! I have a serious chocolate addiction and seeing all of the holiday chocolate displays make my sweet tooth go into overdrive. Seriously, I would cry tears of joy if I got this for Christmas. Last year, I had a brilliant […]

Koncour Christmas-How to Control Holiday Chocolate Cravings